Quantitative Researcher (1-4 yrs)

We are looking for the Smartest Quants to outsmart others in the markets!

We at iRage are an agile, young bunch. You will get to solve some extremely challenging engineering problems and shape the future of the fast-paced Algo-Trading industry while working alongside other exceptional programmers, quants and traders.

Role Summary

As a Quantitative Researcher at iRage you will be involved in analyzing market behavior from both micro and macro perspective by:

  • Analysing hundreds of gigabytes of data to ascertain micro behavioral patterns (at the microsecond timeframe) to explore potential opportunities and strategies
  • Building automated trading signals to drive decisions around strategy and its implementation.
  • Building engineering solutions to manage the complexity
  • Discovering and imitating the logic and thereby automating the process of setting the hundreds of parameters that traders do on a daily basis
  • Optimizing current trading strategies to improve the PnL
  • Developing mathematical models to solve difficult stochastic problems


  • Adept awareness of financial markets and fundamentals
  • Excellent programming ability in Python
  • Strong logical & quantitative aptitude
  • Strong educational background
  • Knack of problem-solving and a high inclination for math problems

Please submit the required information and attach your resumeĀ