Core Developer

Role Summary 

iRage is looking for an ‘all-star’ Core Developer who can solve some extremely challenging engineering problems, learn, develop and deliver at the fastest pace.

Basic Skills :

  • Understands multi-threading and have decent level knowledge of multi core architectures.
  • Technically proficient and hands on in C++ with good understanding of C++11 and C++14.
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP, UDP & Network topology. Passionate to debug network problems with proficiency in network and socket programming.
  • Has worked on User space networking stack like Solarflare, Melanox etc.
  • Ready to get hands dirty on things like ASAN, SystemTAP, tcpdump, gdb. Etc.
  • Loves working on Linux, its kernel and aware of linux optimizations pertaining to low latency.
  • Work experience in HFT (understands order books, strategies etc.) and keen to keep reducing latency, erasing jitter, identify and eliminate queue buildup/congestion in the system.

Please submit the required information and attach your resume