Experienced Quant Trader

Role Summary

iRage is recruiting for its proprietary trading desk and is looking for experienced quantitative traders with a successful trading track record in trading proprietary trading strategies.
The prior trading experience could be in any asset class and trading style – i.e. high frequency trading / medium frequency trading / low frequency trading.

The role would involve:

Designing new quantitative trading strategies, enhancing existing quantitative trading strategies and analysing the performance of deployed strategies. Enhancing or building trading analytical tools.

Basic Skills

2+ years of experience in quantitative trading.
Experience in successful implementation of profitable trading strategies (from ideation to execution i.e. research, design, back-test and execution).
Knowledge and experience of working with big data analytical tools like R, Python, etc.
The job might involve working under tight deadlines and pressure situations arising out of the need to stay ahead of competing trading strategies in the market.

Desired Skills

UNIX / Linux Scripting experience is desirable.
C/C++ programming language experience is desirable.
Prior experience of working with data tool sets like Bloomberg, etc is preferred.

Please submit the required information and attach your resume